Connected Show #29 – Get LIT With Silverlight & WPF 4

PeteBrown connectedShow_Normal In this episode, guest Pete Brown joins Peter to discuss the recent releases of Silverlight 4 & WPF4. Pete talks about how to “light up with COM” and do some crazy sh—tuff on your client. Mics, webcams, and sensors, oh my! WPF or Silverlight?  Which one should you be looking at when deciding a client platform technology?  Pete helps walk us through those decisions as well as the deltas between the two XAML-based platforms. (Interview starts at 13:34) 

Also on tap, guest host Dane Morgridge joins Peter to cover the latest Microsoft developer & interoperability news including: Enterprise Library 5 and new SQL Server drivers for Java & PHP. Be sure to catch up with Dane & Andrew Duthie on their Community Megaphone Podcast.


Show Notes & Resources

Items Discussed with Pete Brown:

Silverlight 4 Stuff:

WPF 4 Stuff:

Items Discussed During the News with Dane Morgridge:

Silverlight 4 Stuff:

Surface & Touch Stuff:

Enterprise Library 5.0 Stuff:

SQL Server 2008 R2 & Interop Stuff:

Dane Morgridge Info:

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