Connected Show #27 – All Mixed Up

connectedShow_HalfSizeSxSWiMix10Logo In this episode, guest Andrew Brust joins Dmitry and Peter to discuss the latest happenings from SxSW and Mix10. On tap this time around: XP Mode hardware restrictions removed, Silverlight 4, Windows Phone 7 development, and IE9 support for HTML5. Andrew also talks to us about the potential of oData for interoperability and easy data access on the web.





Show Notes & Resources

Lots of links for this episode! Check ‘em out!

XP Mode Hardware Restrictions Lifted:

SxSW Stuff:

Mix 2010 Stuff:

Windows Phone 7 Series Stuff:

Silverlight 4 Stuff:

IE9 Stuff:

SQL Azure Stuff:

JQuery at Mix:

oData Stuff:

Connect with Andrew Brust:

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