Connected Show #23 – Agile: Putting the “soft” in Software

connectedShow_HalfSize In this episode, guest Stephen Bohlen joins Peter to discuss the Agile software development methodology. Stephen talks about what it means to be agile, how agile can improve the software development process, and what boiling molasses may portend for the future of “software engineering”.

sbohlen AndrewBrust

Also, guest host Andrew Brust joins us for a review of the shiny new toys shown at CES in Las Vegas, NV. Andrew shares his thoughts and observations at CES on Android, slates, tablets, 3D TV, Internet TV, and more.


Show Notes & Resources

Items Discussed During the News & Banter with Peter & Andrew:

Andrew reports from CES

3D & Internet Connected TVs


Slates & Tablets, Oh My!

Items Discussed During the Stephen Bohlen Interview:

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