Rachel Appel & Bob Hunt Join Microsoft’s Evangelism Team

The news has trickled out over the past week on Twitter… (can’t stop the spread of AWESOME news in the digital world we live in J)…  but I’m excited to publicly introduce two new additions to the NY/NJ/CT area Microsoft evangelism team:  Rachel Appel and Bob Hunt!

Rachel Appel will be joining Microsoft as our newest Developer Evangelist here in the NY metro area.  Bob Hunt has also joined the local Microsoft evangelism team as our new IT Pro Evangelist here in the NY metro area.

clip_image002A few tidbits on Rachel…  

Rachel has been working as a mentor, instructor, software developer, architect and DBA for nearly 20 years.  During her career, Rachel has worked with a variety of languages, technologies and systems and has contributed to projects of all sizes including large scale enterprise applications at some of the world’s leading companies.

Rachel is the Vice President of the .Net Valley user group, as well as a leader and regular speaker in the Philly.NET and Central Penn.NET user groups of Pennsylvania.  She can also be found speaking at code camps, user groups, community events and conferences across the country.

Rachel’s expertise lies within developing solutions that align business and technology using the Microsoft .NET family of products, particularly ASP.NET & SQL Server.  She is also an ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider and holds the Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCAD & MCSD certifications.  She is also a member of the INETA speakers bureau.

In her new role, Rachel will be partnering with me in supporting the local Microsoft community, as well as focusing on driving satisfaction and product adoption with developers throughout the area.  Rachel will relocating to the New York City area soon from northeastern Pennsylvania.

Today, January 18th, is Rachel’s first day on board!  I’m sure she’ll be “drinking from the fire hose” most of this week and getting set up.  You can reach her online now at http://rachelappel.com/ or follow her on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/rachelappel

clip_image004A few tidbits on Bob…

Bob has over 18 years of IT industry experience with a major emphasis on Microsoft technologies, including over 14 years of experience with Microsoft Exchange.  Bob was recently a Unified Communications Technology Specialist for the NY Metro District for the past 5 years where he has worked with customers across all verticals to help them realize potential of Microsoft Unified Communications Technologies.  In this role Bob has been an Exchange Insider and has was recognized as a “Top Gun” Exchange Insider by the Exchange Product Group. 

Prior to Microsoft, Bob spent almost 10 years in the partner community at several locally and nationally managed Systems Integration partners where he built and lead a number of Active Directory and Exchange IT consulting practices in the NY Metro area.  As a partner, Bob was also an author of multiple chapters of the Microsoft Press Title “Microsoft Exchange 2000 Resource Kit.”

In his new role Bob will be partnering with Rachel & I in supporting the local Microsoft community, with a focus on driving satisfaction and product adoption with IT professionals.  If your interest is in things like Windows Server, Windows client, SharePoint and related core infrastructure technologies, then Bob is someone you’ll want in your contact list!

Bob officially started his new role on January 1st.   Bob lives in Westchester, NY, and is married with 3 children.  In his miniscule spare time he enjoys camping and travelling to warm, sunny and fun places with the family.  Bob is also a basketball coach and Board Member at Westchester Arc.

Some of you may be wondering “where are you going Peter”?  I’m not going anywhere.  The NY Metro area has a LOT of developers!   I’m looking forward to working together with Rachel to be able to excite even more folks in the area about Microsoft’s developer technologies!

Please join me in welcoming Rachel & Bob to the NY/NJ/CT Microsoft evangelism team!

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