Connected Show #22 – PHP LINQ Fest

connectedShow_HalfSize In this episode, guest Maarten Balliauw joins Peter to discuss his implementation of Language Integrated Query (LINQ) for PHP and linking (non-pun intended) PHP to Microsoft Office Excel via the PHPExcel project. Maarten is a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET and a PHP developer.

Also, Dmitry and Peter discuss WinCache for PHP 1.0, Moonlight 2.0, and having a backup strategy.


Show Notes & Resources:

Maarten’s Blog:

Items Discussed During the News & Banter with Peter & Dmitry:

WinCache for PHP 1.0

Ruslan Yakushev’s Blog:

Run Multiple Versions of PHP on IIS:

Microsoft Web Platform Installer:

Moonlight 2.0 Stuff

Bing News

Always Have a Backup Plan!

Items Discussed During the Maarten Balliauw Interview:

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