Connected Show #21 – PDC 2009 Pizza Party

image In this episode guests Sumit Chawla (Microsoft Interop Team) & Tim Wise (Dominos Pizza) join Peter to discuss offloading a Java/Tomcat server infrastructure to Windows Azure to save Dominos money (Interview starts at 40:31).  Sumit also covers the latest Azure interoperability announcements from Web 2 Expo in NYC.

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Guest hosts Gary Russo and Sara Chipps also join Peter for a wrap up of PDC 2009, including Azure, Silverlight 4, MEF on Mono, and Dallas.


Show Notes & Resources:

Gary’s Blog:
Sara’s Blog:
Sara’s New URL aggregator:

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Items Discussed during the PDC 09 Wrap-up with Gary & Sara:

Check out the PDC website for recordings of all the keynotes and breakout sessions:

Microsoft Web PI & Application Gallery:

Java deployment on Windows Azure:

Managed Extensibility Framework:

Silverlight 4 Stuff:

VS 2010 Coded UI Test Videos:

WCF RIA Services:

Microsoft + Open Source Birds of A Feather @ PDC: (no content)

Microsoft Codename “Dallas”:

NYC Big Apps Contest:
Open Government NYC Meetup:

Items discussed during Sumit & Tim’s Interview:

Interoperability @ Microsoft Team Sites:

Interoperability News @ PDC 09 - Recap:

Sumit Chawla & Tim Wise @ Web 2 Expo NYC:

Domino’s Demonstrates Tomcat Site on Windows Azure:

Windows Azure platform AppFabric SDK for PHP:

Bing 404 Web Page Error Toolkit for PHP:

SQL CRUD Application Wizard for PHP:

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