Connected Show #18 – Claudio Caldato on PHP & ADO.NET Data Services


In this episode, guest Claudio Caldato joins Peter to discuss interoperability at Microsoft and how his team is working to make Windows Azure cloud services more accessible to PHP developers.  Claudio provides us details on the PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services.  Guest host G. Andrew Duthie joins Peter to discuss Office Starter 2010, the wonders of VHDs, Red Hat & Microsoft interoperability, the ASP.NET MVC Firestarter, and “Are we really smarter than you?”.


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Are We Smarter Than You? – More on Duct Tape Programming!

G. Andrew Duthie

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    Some of your links I’m very interested in but from the outside they point to () and i’m not sure if it’s a mistake. I’d love an email back

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  2. Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for letting me know!  Looks like Outlook Web Access munged the URLs when I pasted them into the blog.  I just went through and fixed them.  Hopefully they work for you now.  Let me know if you find any that still don’t work.  Thanks!


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