NYC Code Camp 3 Wrap-up

Wow!  What a New Year!  What a weekend! NYC Code Camp III was a huge success on Saturday.  I had a great time there talking about the new ASP.NET MVC Framework with folks, as well as mixing and mingling with all of the other speakers and attendees.  Code Camps are such a great time to get together and network with others in the local technology community.  About a 150 folks came out to learn from 22 different speakers in 25 sessions.  That’s pretty good despite the threat of a New York’s first major snow storm of the year (which NEVER showed up!).

Not only were attendees treated to all of the great sessions, they also got to be part of a live studio audience for .NET Rocks!  Both Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell were in town for the code camp.  Besides delivering their own sessions, they recorded an episode of .NET Rocks with a panel of “Jersey Boys” at the end of the day.  Thanks to Carl & Richard for inviting myself, Miguel Castro, Scott Watermasysk, and Don Demsak to be on the show.  We had a fun time talking about the new Windows 7 beta which was released to the public the day before code camp.

There are a lot of folks who deserve thanks for putting Saturday’s most excellent event on.  Namely, all of the speakers!  These folks volunteered their personal time and travelled from far and near to deliver all of the presentations.  Without speakers, there is no code camp.  Thanks to:

  • Bill Wolff
  • Bill Robertson
  • Miguel Castro
  • Stephen Bohlen
  • John Baird
  • Rachel Appel
  • Steve Andrews
  • David L. Penton
  • Edwin Ames
  • Erik Wynne Stepp
  • David San Filippo
  • Scott Watermasysk
  • Milan Negovan
  • David Douglass
  • Don Demsak
  • John Zablocki
  • Carl Franklin
  • Richard Campbell
  • Rajasekhar Karumuru
  • Chris Rolon
  • Giuseppe Turitto
  • Next, we have to thank the sponsors.  If it weren’t for the sponsors, there wouldn’t have been breakfast or lunch or free swag.  Thanks goes out to Infragistics, Code Project, and Microsoft!

    Finally, the folks behind the scenes deserve the most thanks.  These are the folks who decided it was time to host a code camp, recruited all the speakers, set up the website, handled the venue logistics, and made sure everything ran smoothly as possible on event day.  Thanks to:

    Collectively, all of these folks rock!!!!  NYC Code Camp III was a blast!  I can’t wait for the next one!

    Currently, the organizers are in the process of gathering all of the content from the individual speakers.  Check the code camp website at for links to the session content as it becomes available.  Alternatively, you can reach contact the individual speakers through there blogs linked above.

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