MSDN “Suburban” Roadshow Fall 2008 Content & Wrap-up

MSDNSuburbanRoadshow In November, Bill Zack & I kicked off the (first) Fall 2008 series of our new MSDN “Suburban” Roadshow events. We’d like to thank everyone who attended our stops in Parsippany, New York, and East Windsor.  We received lots of feedback on the events and plan to continue the “Suburban” Roadshow with another series of events in Winter 2009.  Plans are currently underway to book the new dates. Stay tuned here to my blog for more information when it becomes available.

Now that the series is over, the content has been posted online.  You can click through to the slides & demo code at the links below.

MSDN “Suburban” Roadshow Fall 2008 Content

  Title Speaker Content Links
Session 1 Intro to the Windows Azure Platform Bill Zack Presentation:
Session 2 Silverlight 2 Application Development Peter Laudati Presentation:

Demo 1: Spinning Rectangles, OS Detection & Video

Demo 2: Data Binding w/DataGrid & ListBox controls

The data binding demo works off of the Adventure Works sample database for SQL Server 2005.  You can download that here at Codeplex.

There are several downloads listed here. The one I used is AdventureWorksDB.msi.

Depending on where you choose to install the sample database, you may need to modify the connection string in the web.config file of the SuburbanDemo2.Web project. 

Thanks for coming out, and look forward to our next series of Roadshow stops in early 2009!

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  1. Today, I’m happy to announce the upcoming Winter 2009 series of MSDN “Suburban” Roadshow events! 

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