ASP.NET MVC at the NYC .NET Developer Group

Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation on the ASP.NET MVC framework at the NYC .NET Developers group last week.  Your questions were great and it was a joy to have such an interactive audience.  I apologize that I had to rush the ending, but we had to keep the meeting on schedule so the group’s sponsor could close things out.  I have posted the slides I used on SkyDrive.  You can find them here:

In other MVC related news, Stephen Walther just announced a series of new MVC videos has been posted on the ASP.NET MVC Website.  I took a quick browse through these last night and they look pretty good.  The 5 part series with Stephen and Charlie Poole on using Pair Programming with the ASP.NET MVC framework looks awesome!  This is exactly the type of development process that the new MVC framework enables, and even helps promote.

If you haven’t been on my blog recently, see my other posts that link to MVC resources.

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  1. M says:


    This was a good presentation but one mistake that you and other speakers made is that you spent way too much time on the history of ASP and ASP.NET.  No cares about the history of Asp.  The presentation should of started with your blog page, a brief overview of ASP.NET and then jumped into MVC. Then you would have had time at the end to show your last demo!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Normally, I would have kept going until 8:30 or so and gotten everything in.

    The reason for the history at the beginning was to set the stage for "why" MVC, which I think always becomes a top question if the history is not addressed.


  3. Yitzchok says:

    You are missing some pages in your PowerPoint presentation 😉

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