.NET Interoperability at JavaOne in San Francisco

MSdotnet Tomorrow, I get to make a trip to what I think is the most beautiful "big city" in the country: San Francisco.  I'll be heading out there with a bunch of fellow Microsoft folks to participate at Sun's JavaOne conference.  JavaOne is sort of like TechEd for the Java world. 

What?!  Why are you heading to JavaOne?  Are you going to join the dark side?! 

No.  Not exactly.  Well, I don't like to refer to non-Microsoft platforms as "the dark side".  It's just another technology choice.  I happen to think the Microsoft stack is one of the best ones for building web and enterprise applications.  For all sorts of reasons, many companies have made decisions along the way to use other technologies in their business.  The reality is that it is a heterogeneous world out there.  Many companies use both .NET and Java!

java As some of you may know, I have a great interest in interoperability between Microsoft technologies and the rest of the world.  Some have formed perceptions that the Microsoft stack isn't possible to interoperate with.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  There are numerous ways in which this is not only possible, but relatively easy to do!

About four years ago, Microsoft started participating at JavaOne by maintaining a booth in the vendor expo, and delivering some breakout sessions on interoperability.  The feedback and response from folks has been great.  This will be my third year participating at JavaOne.  It will also be my first one speaking there.  I'll be co-presenting a session with Marina Fisher from Sun on "101 Ways to Interoperate between Java and .NET".

If anyone is going to be at JavaOne, be sure to catch one of our three conference sessions:

Also, be sure to stop by and visit the Microsoft theater in the vendor expo area.  We'll be giving short presentations and demos of various interoperability techniques and options throughout the conference.  Some of these will be traditional interop scenarios like .NET and Java services talking to each other.  Others will look at how Silverlight and AJAX can be used to build Rich Internet Applications on top of the Java platform.

[Update – 6-16-2008:] The presentation slides from my Java/.NET Interoperability talk at Java One have now been posted.  You can find them at the link below:

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