ASP.NET MVC Talk at Health & Life Science Developer Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk about the new ASP.NET MVC framework at the Health & Life Sciences Developer Conference in Atlantic City last week!  I've posted my slides for viewing up on SkyDrive:

Credit goes to Scott Hanselman as I borrowed heavily from his MVC presentation at Mix 08 earlier this year.  I showed code from two projects during my talk.  The first was the default project that the MVC template creates for you in Visual Studio.  The second project was a complete application that demonstrated CRUD access to a table in the Northwind Database.  That sample was put together by Scott, and can be viewed here:

ASP.NET MVC Cheesy Northwind Sample Code

The MVC framework is barely 6 months old, yet there is already a LOT of information about it out there.  Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you view it), it's not in the documentation.  As with any new technology that's in beta, the documentation is a little weak at the current time.  That will improve over time.  But for now, most of the good information is out there in blogs from both the MVC product team and the community.

To get started, visit the ASP.NET MVC Framework web site at:  At that site, you will find the latest MVC installation download and official product documentation.  For some of the best information, follow the blogs from some of the folks involved with the development of ASP.NET MVC Framework:

From there, you'll want to check out some of the other MVC resources out there.  There's a lot of great blogs about MVC outside of Microsoft too.  Chris Shoemaker has put together a decent MVC link list here:

47 ASP.NET MVC Resources to Rock Your Development

Finally, DotNetKicks seems to have at least one or two new MVC posts listed everyday.  You can see all MVC posts on DotNetKicks aggregated here.

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