East Coasters at the Open Space at Mix 08

Mix 08 was a blast.  So many things were announced, products released, and of course a great interview of Steve Ballmer by Guy Kawasaki!   I'm finally catching up now to provide a wrap up.  But, as I read my feed list, I see that others have done it already for me.  Chris Bowen, my teammate from the New England area has a great summary of the conference here on his blog.

At Mix 08, I helped backstage in the Open Space area.  There were lots of great discussions that occurred there during the 3-day conference in Vegas.  Thanks to Drew Robbins for lobbying to have the Open Space area at Mix in the first place.  Drew also hooked the crew up with Flip Video cameras so we could record some of the conversations.  Many of the Mix speakers came to the Open Space area to continue the conversations started in their breakout sessions.  There were also other conference attendees who came to talk about the things they were working on.

A bunch of Microsoft MVPs and Regional Directors hung out in the Open Space area, including several folks from here on the east coast.  Below are some of the videos I recorded of folks from the east coast.  For more of these from the rest of the Mix team, check out the Open Space Blog from Mix 08Chris Koenig, my colleague from the Dallas area, put the videos together in a link list here.

In this video taken on day one, Chris Love & Rob Zelt from North Carolina share their thoughts on the Mix 08 Keynote:

On IE8, Silverlight and the Keynote

On day two, Chris also hosted a talk in the Open Space area on having fun with HTTP Modules.  The name "HTTP Modules" sounds stale, but the technology is anything but.  Chris shows how you can do some nifty things with them in IIS 7:

Fun with HttpModules

In this one Josh Holmes gets some Mix 08 keynote reaction from East Coasters Stephen Forte, Mark Dunn, and Carl Franklin:

Microsoft Regional Directors React to the Keynote

In this video, I interview Nikita Polyakov about what it means to be a Microsoft Student Partner.  Nikita is from the University of South Florida here on the east coast.  Nikita made his presence known around MIX08, having great conversations and collecting content for students around the world to see on Channel 8.  He also got a chance to interview Steve Ballmer during the keynote!   

What's a Microsoft Student Partner?

While in the Open Space area, Carl Franklin (of .NET Rocks fame) busted out his guitar and treated us all to some music.  The Flip was so convenient that I just flipped it out of my pocket and started recording.

Carl Franklin Sings in the Open Space Theatre

To see the rest of the Open Space videos, visit the Open Space @ Mix 08 blog.  There are some great sessions up there including John Lam on Iron Ruby, Microsoft Surface, and using WPF & the Nintento Wii to do a Minority Report type interaction.

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  1. I seriously think I spent as much if not more time at Mix in the Open Space area than my hotel room.

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