Vegas Baby! Vegas! Mix 08 Here I Come!

Next week, I'm off to Mix '08 in Vegas!  If there's anyone from NY/NJ/Philly/CT area planning to be out there, hope to see you at the poker tab-- uh, in all the great sessions!  Mix has sold out, so if you haven't been able to get tickets you won't be able to attend.  But have no fear, much of the Mix content will be made available online shortly after the event.  Stay tuned to for all the news and info coming out of the conference.

If you are making your way to Sin City, there's one part of Mix you'll want to be sure to check out:  Open Space at MixDrew Robbins, former Ohio area DE and now IIS evangelist, helped convince the Mix team to host this.  I'll be helping to run it along with Tim Heuer and Josh Holmes

vegassign I've been to a bunch of open-space events in the past year or so, and I can tell you that they're a lot of fun.  But not only that, they're really a great place to contribute back to the conversation.  It's YOUR opportunity to speak and be heard at Mix. 

There's a bunch of topics I'd like to propose once we're out there.  One that comes to mind is social networking and identity.  I've got another blog post I'm working on about that subject that I'm hoping to post soon.  But I really want to hear what people are thinking on those subjects.  Of course, a lot of discussion around RIAs and other fun user experience stuff would be great too.

You can learn more about Open Space at Mix here.

If you have any topics you want to talk about at Open Space @ Mix (or want others to bring up for you if you can't make it), leave your comments here on my blog.  Come on and join the conversation!

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