March 2008 Area User Group Meetings

Hard to believe March is already here!   Oh wait... that's right, it's NOT!   This is leap year and today is February 29th!  Well, tomorrow will be March, and it's sure going to be a busy month for me!  First the St. Patty's Parade in Hoboken, then Mix in Vegas, FinServ Dev Con, AJAX World, and BarCamp in NYC, and then the  MS Tech Summit in Redmond.  Kick in three family birthdays (son's 2nd, grandmother's 90th, and brother's 30th) and I'll be looking to take a break in April! 

Enough about me though.  How about you?  What do you have planned for March?  If you haven't been to one of our area's user group meetings before, perhaps this should be the month you try it out!  Lot's of great opportunities to network, mingle, eat free pizza, and learn something new.  Here's the line up for March:

New Jersey

New York




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