Silverlight 2.0 A Full Week Before Mix 08

So, I thought Silverlight 2.0 would have it's big coming out party at Mix 08 next week in Vegas.  To my surprise, Scott Guthrie published a whole bunch of details about it on last Friday!  If you haven't read it already, see his post "First Look at Silverlight 2".

Along with that post, he has an eight part series of posts that form a tutorial for how to build a SL 2.0 application:

You can read those here:

There's a lot of great information in here.  I don't know how Guthrie writes all these posts and manages an entire section of the company, but he claims that he writes them all himself.  (I still think he has elves that do it for him!)

While there's a lot of new stuff here, I'm guessing there are still some surprises to come next week at Mix.  Stay tuned to next Wednesday to find out.

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