Silverlight Secrets?

silverlightlogo Last year at the Mix conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft surprised the web world with the announcement of Silverlight 1.1 which supports the .NET framework running cross-platform in the browser!  Mix 08 is coming up soon during the first week of March.  This year, I'm sure there will be some more Silverlight 2.0 surprises announced at Mix.  (I don't know what they are...  yet. 🙂  Jesse Liberty is a member of the Silverlight team.  On Friday, he wrote a post that appears to have a lot of hints in it.  See if you can read the tea leaves to figure out if he's really leaking any big surprises.

Tip of the Day - Getting Ready for Silverlight 2 - Jesse Liberty

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  1. Silverlight says:

    SL Ver 1.1 was therefore announced a year ago & about time it gets released at Mix 2008. Microsoft might as well annouce Silverlight 3.0 at Mix 08 to keep things in sync with Mix 07.

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