Thanks for attending the Silverlight 1.0 Firestarters in NYC & Philly

clip_image002[6]Thank you to everyone who attended the Silverlight 1.0 Firestarter events in NYC and Philly.  I had a lot of fun participating in both events.  Folks seemed to be excited about the content, and the feedback I received was very positive from both events!  There were over 100 folks who attended in NYC last month, and close to that amount in Philly back in December.

The content from the local Firestarter events is now available online, hosted at Windows Live SkyDrive:

Get started building Silverlight applications today!   Your one-stop source for the most up to date information is:

From the Silverlight.NET website, here are the links to the tools/downloads you'll need to get started.

Here are links to some essential tools for doing AJAX and Silverlight development that were discussed during the event:

Videos of the Firestarter session content were recorded by some of the folks in Redmond.  Those videos are now available online here.

The biggest request I heard from folks in NYC is "When can I come back for a Silverlight 2.0 Firestarter?"  For now, stay tuned to the Mix 08 conference in Vegas for more information on Silverlight 2.0.   The event is less than a month away now.  Go to to learn more about Mix.

I look forward to hosting a Silverlight 2.0 Firestarter in our area some time in the spring after Mix has passed!

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