Could it be? FIOS coming soon?!

IMG_6248 In my neighborhood, all of the utilities run underground.  I've been waiting patiently for the day Verizon brings their FIOS service to my town.  I always figured that when they did, I'd know in advance since they'd have to dig up the streets to lay the fiber. 

On Saturday afternoon while driving around my neighborhood, I noticed little flags everywhere along the sides of the street.  These are the types of flags they use to mark underground utilities if you intend to dig.  They were everywhere up and down every street in my development.  I can't imagine any other wide-scale digging that could be going on all throughout the development.

I've been relatively happy with the quality of my Optimum Online service from Cablevision.  However, after reading news about FiOS's new 20/20 service, a techie can only drool!

Fingers crossed...  hopefully I'll see Verizon trucks any day now!

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  1. Be aware that it’s pretty unlikely that it’ll be Verizon trucks when they’re laying the fiber. That work is usually handled by contractors with special expertise in that area. Verizon will come around once everything’s ready and run the line from the fiber to your house, install the backup battery, etc.

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