Announcing the Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow

Last year, I started a series of events in MS NY & NJ office called "devCouncils".  The devCouncils were free half-day events where folks could come learn about the latest developer technologies.  We covered topics such as ASP.NET 2.0, the .NET 3.0 stack, and the MS AJAX Library.  Since that time, the local evangelism team at Microsoft has grown a bit.  Bill Zack, co-founder of the NYC .NET Developers user group, has joined my team.

Now that Bill is on board, I'm happy to announce a new series of events we'll be delivering together: The "Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow" with...  you guessed it...  Peter & Bill!


What can you expect at a Peter & Bill roadshow?  To learn about the latest and greatest technologies from Microsoft with both a developer perspective (from me), and an architecture perspective (from Bill).  As the series unfolds over the next few months, we'll be covering topics such as LINQ, .NET 3.5, AJAX, Silverlight, Expression, deeper dives with .NET 3.0, Windows Live services, and more.

Our colleagues over at MSDN Events also run a series of fine events for developers around the country.  We've teamed with them and looked at the locations where they are hosting events and said, "Wait a second!  The NY metro area is pretty big.  Manhattan is great, but you've missed a spot!"  We're going to bring our Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow to locations around the tri-state area that the MSDN Events team has not visited. 

There was recently an MSDN event in Manhattan, and there are upcoming events in Edison, NJ in central Jersey (September 25th) and Ronkonkoma, NY out on Long Island (September 27th).  So, to kick things off, the Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow will make a stop in northern Jersey in Parsippany (September 20th) and southwest Connecticut in Stamford (October 2nd).

Given the demand for the content delivered at the recent MSDN event in Manhattan, Bill and I are going to cover the same topics (LINQ, WCF, and Silverlight).  I was surprised at how many folks were hearing about these technologies for the first time.  We received plenty of questions in NYC, and they were all great.  Bill and I look forward to meeting more of you on the road and helping you understand the technology!

Follow the links below to sign up for the Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow events.  Parsippany is just one week from today!

Location Date & Time Registration
Hilton Parsippany Hotel - Parsippany, NJ
One Hilton Court, Parsippany, New Jersey

September 20, 2007

1:00 PM–5:00 PM


Event ID: 1032352500

University of Connecticut CITI – Stamford, CT
Connecticut Information Technology Institute
1 University Place, Stamford, Connecticut

October 2, 2007

1:00 PM–5:00 PM


Event ID: 1032352087

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  1. Last week, I announced the Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow coming to various locations throughout the

  2. Last week, I announced the Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow coming to various locations throughout the

  3. Just a reminder for everyone… the Peter & Bill MSDN Roadshow is coming to Parsippany, NJ tomorrow.

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