Time to Roll Out

Well, it's good to be finally be back and typing behind the keyboard again!  It's extremely rare that I go two weeks completely offline without checking e-mail.  But I was really knocked out while in the hospital, and then sleeping most of the week at home once I got out.  Now I'm itching to go!

A couple of months ago, I wrote about my experience buying Transfomers toys for my son at Christmas time.  Last week, the new Transformers movie came out.  I had extremely low expectations given what I wrote about back in February.  But being a fan, I just HAD to go.  So I took my son to see it. 

WOW!  I was pleasantly surprised that it was a good movie!  The story was filled with the typical plot holes of big budget summer blockbusters, but it stayed true to the spirit of the old cartoons.   The effects were just great...  probably one of the best mixes of live actors with CGI animations I've ever seen.  Those robots looked REAL!  Not to mention, they got some of the original voice actors from the cartoon to reprise their roles in the movie.  If you like movies like Independence Day, then go see Transformers!  It rocked. 

One note... and I'm not a prude about things like this, but the movie does have a PG-13 rating.  If you're taking your kids (which you should), be aware that there is some brief dialog between the main character and his parents reminiscent of the father/son dialog in the American Pie movies.  My son was too young to know anything, but older kids may ask what certain words describing solo activities mean.  I laughed out loud, but some folks might beware.

Given the news of how the movie busted box office records, I'm confident there'll be a sequel in a year or two.  So, "Transformers: The Decepticons Strike Back" may be more of reality than I joked about back in February.

Wow...  so I just wrote a movie review on my tech blog.  Is that the quintessential mixing of content that makes me a snooty self-righteous wanna-be a-list blogger? 🙂  Anyway...  time to roll out and get back to work!

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