Out of the Woods with Kidney Stones… for now!

I usually don't write much here about events in my personal life, but figured I'd let everyone know that I just got out of the hospital yesterday.  I have been in and out of the hospital since last Tuesday battling a kidney stone.  If you haven't heard about kidney stones before, you can read more here.  The bottom line is, it's painful.  No...  not just painful, but excruciating-Jack Bauer-torture-recipient painful!  I can't even begin to describe it.  Although, more than one female nurse who had experienced them previously told me it was worse than child birth!

Anyway, I'm safely resting up at home now and plan to relax and enjoy the US Independence Day holiday week with my family.  I've glimpsed my inbox, and see I'll have my work cut out for me when I log back in next Monday the 9th. 🙂  In any event, I look forward to getting some new posts up again when I return.

Enjoy the 4th of July holiday everyone!

Comments (4)

  1. johnc says:

    You have my sympathies, I’ve had two and I’m growing a third at the moment. According to my specialist they are very common among IT people (too much coffee?).

    If you can get a full pathology work up done it’s well worth it, might be able to pinpoint what caused yours to help avoid any future occurences.

  2. paul says:

    My Dad was hospitalized with a kidney stone, Marc Cantor had one a few months ago.

    I drink lots of water and pray it never happens to me.

    Have a great 4th of July!

  3. Luis says:

    Feel better, Peter!  I hope it’s not a recurring thing.

  4. Rakesh says:

    Feel better, Peter.

    I was diagonsed with Kidney stone last week. My stomach pain was like hell….

    Doctor suggested to drink atleast 8-10 litres of water daily.

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