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So it's been almost a month since the big Silverlight announcements from Microsoft at Mix 07 in Vegas.  My crazy month of travel in May is just about over (one quick short trip with the family to Tech E--, uh, Disney this weekend, and then I should be staying put at the Jersey Shore for a while).  I'm looking forward to finally getting a chance to play with the Silverlight bits as I'm sure I'll be talking about them a lot over the next six months or so.

Catching up on my feeds after the Memorial Day holiday, I saw that some of my colleagues have posted some good Silverlight links in the past couple of weeks:

Doug Turnure has a bunch of links put together by our colleague Asli Bilgin.

Via Woody Pewitt, this is a great "map" of Silverlight content on the web done by UK-based bbits.

Silverlight is cross-platform.  It will run on Windows & Mac.  But there has been lots of speculation and questions as to whether Microsoft will make it run on Linux.  I don't have any answers to that question, but via Jason Mauer, it seems Miguel de Icaza and the folks who run the Mono project have started project "Moonlight" to do just that!

Looks like I've got some reading up to do!

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