Visual Studio Team System Guidance

Via Dave Bost, via J.D. Meier...

It's been about a year and a half now since Microsoft released Visual Studio Team System (Nov 2005) and then later, Team Foundation Server (March 2006).  These tools really make developer's lives easier, especially when working with a large team of developers, architects, testers, and project managers.

Like with any tool, it takes time and usage before best practices emerge.  The patterns & practices team at Microsoft has been working with a plethora of folks (customers, product teams, support teams, MVPs, and an internal field team called the "VSTS Rangers") to gather these practices up and provide some guidance on using all aspects of Team System.

If you're using VSTS, then by all means, bookmark this site:

Here's just an example of the type of stuff you'll find there:

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