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As a developer, you likely spend a lot of time in the IDE of your choice.  For Microsoft developers, this is usually Visual Studio.  While Studio is jammed packed with tools that make developers' lives easier, there is always room for more tools.  If Studio doesn't have the tool you need, there's a whole eco-system of plug-ins out there that have taken advantage of Visual Studio's extensibility model.  

Many companies have built plug-ins for Visual Studio that meet different custom needs.  However, if you can't find one that meets your need, you can always build one yourself.  Back in October I wrote about how local Jersey guy Don "XML" Demsak did just that!  Don wasn't happy with the XPath support in Visual Studio, so he developed and released a great plug-in to support XPath development in Visual Studio.

So how do you write your own plug-in for Visual Studio?  I'm happy to announce that Don will be hosting one of two upcoming webcasts that will explain the plug-in model in Visual Studio 2005.  If you're interested in learning more about Visual Studio's extensibility model, tune in for the following webcasts on MSDN:

Webcast: Do-It-Yourself Tools Inside Visual Studio: May 3

Visual Studio includes a great set of built-in tools - but if it doesn’t have exactly the tool you need, you can always build one yourself.

Webcast: Grow Your Business and Reach More Developers by Extending Visual Studio: May 7

Learn how the Visual Studio Industry Partner program can help developer-focused companies extend Microsoft’s development tools and reach developers.

To learn about other webcasts on Visual Studio, go here.

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