Philly Code Camp 2007.1 Registration is Now Open

Saturday, May 19th is the first of three code camps planned for the Philadelphia area.  Since there will be three code camps this year, this one will be called Code Camp "2007.1". 

Registration has just been opened up on the Philly.NET web site


Code Camp is being held at the Microsoft Greater PA Office in Malvern, PA on Saturday, May 19 from 8:30-6:00. Morning refreshments are provided courtesy of New Horizons Learning Centers. Lunch is contributed by RDA Consultants. Please register on our web site. Detailed directions are on the Microsoft Greater PA web site.

Check out the most excellent line-up of sessions and speakers:

8:00 - Registration, breakfast by New Horizons


Mark Scott - Intro to MDX and Analysis Services
Russ Basuira - Building Internet Facing Websites using MOSS
Kevin Goff - Intro to Windows Communication Foundation
Mitch Ruebush - Extensible Framework Development with Plugins
Mark Magliocco - RSS Basics


Sam Batterman - SQL Data Mining
Jean Barmash - SharePoint 2007 Workflow
Bill Wolff - XAML and Silverlight in Expression and Visual Studio
David Laribee - New Hotness in Enterprise Library 3.0
Mitch Ruebush - XNA Game Development


Dan Clark - SQL IS ETL DataFlows
Kevin Goff - Data Driven Web Pages in ASP.NET, AJAX, and SQL
Sam Gentile - Windows Workflow
John Baird - Unit Testing in .NET
Travis Laborde - Tools of the Trade

1:00 - Lunch from RDA Consultants


Greg Gonzalez - Schedule Collisions and SQL Server Performance
Bill Wolff - SharePoint 2007 Content Types
David Hoerster - Windows Communication Foundation
Jean Barmash - Aspect Oriented Programming
Rob Keiser - Powershell Programming


Sharon Dooley - T-SQL
Travis Laborde - Developer Testing 101
Don Demsak - Intro to LINQ: Reinventing Visual Basic
David Laribee - NHibernate and the Domain Model
Edwin Ames - Controlling Access to Your Application


Dan Clark - Extend SQL IS with Scripts
Sam Gentile - SOA/WCF
Chuck Miller - Composite UI Application Block, Validation
John Baird - Compact Framework Development


Evals, lots of raffles

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