Philly.NET Code Camp Call For Speakers Now Open

The next Philly.NET Code Camp is soon approaching.  Code Camp will be on Saturday, May 19th at the Microsoft office in Malvern, Pennsylvania.  Bill Wolff and the Philly.NET community leaders are now in the planning stages and accepting session proposals via e-mail.

If you’ve been working on anything cool or fun lately, this is your opportunity to share it with the rest of the developer community and spread the knowledge!  You don’t have to be an expert speaker to speak at code camp.  First time speakers are always welcome.  You don’t even need power points.  Heck, it’s PREFERRED that you don’t bring power points!  Code camp is about showing off the code.

There will be six sessions in five tracks providing 30 potential slots on the session agenda.  To get one of those coveted speaker spots, send an e-mail to Bill Wolff at:  bill AT agilitysystems DOT net  (<–I’m being kind by obfusacating Bill’s address so he doesn’t get bombarded by spam.  Anyone who’s thinking of speaking at code camp ought to know how to break the code. :))

Stay tuned here and to the Philly.NET website for registration information.  Registration will likely be opened up in the next week or two.

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