New Philly.NET Bloggers

I wanted to extend a warm welcome to a couple of folks from the Philadelphia area .NET community have recently started blogging.  Check out the following:

Andy Schwam -

Andy has been one of the leaders of the Philly.NET user group community for some time now.  In recent months, you may have heard him referred to as the "Schwagman".  If Andy comes a knocking at your door, he's probably looking for swag to give away at the various Philly.NET events.

Travis Laborde -

Travis has recently gotten involved with Philly.NET by leading the efforts to create a new user group in south Jersey.  I've never seen the blogging software he is using to post.  It's definitely a different format than your usual blog.

Danilo Diaz -

Dani is also a leader in the Philly.NET community.  Like Travis, he helped spin up the recently formed Center City user group that meets in downtown Philly. Dani has spoken many times at local user groups and code camps throughout the area.

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