Infragistics Releases Public Beta of new WPF Controls

While we're on the topic of user eXperience...

At the Vista & Office launch events in January & February, you may have caught some of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) demos.  During those demos, we showed off some of the new WPF controls being produced by Infragistics.  One of these was a rich carousel control in the Fabrikam demo's fashion designer tool.  The carousel lets you "spin" through a selection of items in a 3D fashion (no pun intended).

Infragistics, based locally here in Jersey, has now released a public beta of those controls as part of their NetAdvantage for WPF 2007 package.  You can now get those controls here

Infragistics is a strong supporter of the local developer community.  They recently sponsored the code camp in NYC.  They also host both the Central Jersey .NET user group and Princeton Area Java user groups at their offices in East Windsor, NJ.

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