Where in the world is JrzyShr Dev Guy?

No posts for almost a month...  what gives?!   Well, I'm not the type who normally fusses over his blog or tells you about every breath I take or every move I make.  However, given that is is a forum folks are coming to to learn about developer events in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas, I try not to go too long between posts without letting folks know I'll be taking a break.  In this case, no such planned break took place.

Between various Microsoft events and a short vacation, I spent the majority of the month of February west of the Mississippi and feeling a bit like Carmen Sandiego.  Being on the road for so long, things just got backed up.  This blog included!  Then, just as I started catching up on things last week, all of my family, including myself, came down with the flu. 

Monday is here now and it looks like our house is germ free!  So, it's time to dig out for real this week, crank up the blog, and fire the posts away...

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