DST Came Early This Year

So how's everyone doing post-DST2K7?  Did everyone survive?  All my appliances seem to function just fine.  Computers too.  Only glitch seems to be my Windows Mobile Smart Phone which did not pick up the update for the earlier daylight savings time in the US.  I just adjusted it manually.  But, anyone have a link to the patch for that?

Some folks seem to have gotten themselves into a tizzy over the early arrival of DST.  However, I LOVE it being daylight later into the evening when it counts.  I wish they'd just keep DST all year round.  I don't care if it's dark until 8am in the winter, just let it be light when I come home!

Comments (2)

  1. jvierra says:

    Large mixup with users of W2K server due to lack of updates from WIndows Update.  MS seemed to indicate that W2K would have DST patch via WU but later we found that it was a manual registry patch.

    We lucked-out and found the patch at the last minute – 10:00PM Sunday night.

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