Philly.NET Center City User Group Forming

The Philly.NET community has been very strong, thanks in part to the dedication of Bill Wolff and others who have led that group for the past five years.  While always popular, sometimes it can be hard for folks from center city or south Jersey to make the trek out to Malvern, Pa. in the western suburbs.

So now, some great news for folks who work or live in Center City Philadelphia.  With Bill's help, and under the leadership of Danilo Diaz, Philly.NET is spreading its wings by starting up a new sister group downtown!  The first Center City meeting will take place on February 28th.  Here are the details:

Speaker: Mitch Ruebush, MVP

Location: 3701 Market Street, Third Floor Philadelphia, PA 19104

Topic: LINQ

How many times have you wished you had SQL like language for querying your in memory data structures?  Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” Language-Integrated Query or LINQ is a new feature of C# 3.0 that supports "a set of features such as lambdas, extension methods, and query comprehensions that enable compilers to understand and implement query logic over in-memory collections of objects." according to the LINQ FAQ. So what does that mean, well basically it is a language that lets you query in memory data structures like collections, XML, etc more easily. I will introduce you to LINQ and then take you on an in depth look at LINQ and its uses in this presentation.

More information on LINQ can be found at:


Date: 02.28.2007


5:45-6:30 Pizza/Meet your peers
6:30-8:00 Main Topic and QA
8:00–8:15 Closing and Giveaways

Thanks to Dani for starting this group up and providing another great option for folks who want to follow the latest Microsoft developer related technologies!

Comments (2)

  1. Another month, another great line up of topics at the NJ/PA/NY area user groups… New Jersey NJ MS Developers

  2. SteveC says:

    I have been a Philly.NET member for quite some time, and it was pretty annoying that the meetings were never actually in Philly… Well, I went to this first center city session, and it was great! The presentation was A+ and the crowd was good too. It was really eye-opening.

    Here’s to having more Philly.NET *in* Philly!

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