arcDevBrainPick this Friday

This Friday is our monthly arcDevBrainPick at 10:00am EST.  This is your opportunity to pick the brain of your local developer and architect evangelists.  Bill Zentmayer and I are out in Seattle this week at an internal Microsoft conference.  We'll be up bright and early on the west coast to join, but should have one or more surprise guests.

Joining us this month will be our newest east coast Developer Evangelist, Brian Hitney.  Brian is based in North Carolina and recently joined the evangelism team after being a part of the Windows Vista team the past couple of years.  If you pick his brain, he can tell some great stories about how Vista was developed behind the scenes.

The arcDevBrainPick is an online gathering.  You can join us via Live Meeting and listen to the audio via the phone or your computer speakers.  Send us your questions via the chat tool in Live Meeting, then we'll answer them over the phone and Internet broadcast.  You can also send us your questions in advance via the E-mail link on this blog.

To join in, register here, then log-in on Friday morning at 10!

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