Web Service Software Factory 1.0 Released

The patterns & practices team has been really busy lately delivering quality software.  Check out the new Web Service Software Factory.

What is it? 

The Web Service Software Factory (also known as the Service Factory) is an integrated collection of tools, patterns, source code and prescriptive guidance. It is designed to help you quickly and consistently construct WCF and ASMX Web services that adhere to well known architecture and design patterns.

Coolest feature (IMHO): WSDL-first support!  (a.k.a. Contract First).  I'm sure this one makes DonXML happy too.  This is the ability to start off with a WSDL file (contract), and then generate all of your service interfaces, classes, and configuration files.  Sweet!

Go get the bits here.

Read more about it via Don Smith's blog & up on the WSSF CodePlex workspace.

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