Enterprise Library 3.0 January 2007 CTP Now Available

Via Tom Hollander...

The second CTP of Enterprise Library 3.0 is now available to download on our CodePlex community site! Full details on this release are in the included release notes, but here are a few highlights:

  • Validation Application Block (also see my previous post on this)

    • Near-complete validator library
    • Configuration tool support
    • ASP.NET integration
    • Winforms integration
    • Quickstarts and preliminary documentation

  • Data Access Application Block

    • TransactionScope enlistment

  • Logging Application Block

    • Rolling Flat File Trace Listener
    • WCF integration

  • Application Block Software Factory

    • VB code generation

  • Configuration Tool

    • Selectable assembly sets

The patterns & practices team plans to have one more CTP before the final release around late March. More details, including any updates should this plan change, are on the Release Plans page. In the meantime, check out the CTP - and as let them know your thoughs using the Forums and Issue Tracker tools.

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