Office + Vista: Better Together For Developers

Wow!  What a day yesterday.  Yesterday was the launch event for Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System.  This was my first time participating in one of these large launch events since I joined the Evangelism team at Microsoft last year.  It was really exciting to see so many folks coming out to learn about these two great products. 

The conversations I had throughout the day with customers revealed that they are really excited about the new types of applications they'll be able to build.  The Windows Presentation Foundation seemed to have the most buzz during the day, as well as the new business applications enabled by MOSS 2007.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to see yours truly speak with William Zentmayer up on the big stage.  We breezed over so much ground, but given the breadth of technologies available for developers in these platforms, it's a good overview to understand what's possible.

Paul Mooney was there with his trusty camcorder, and now you can catch the talk I participated in here.  Man, it sure is freaky to see myself on video!

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  1. charlesalopez says:

    hey peter,

    i was at that event yesterday. Good job. You mentioned something about code camps in NYC and some sign up form in the back. I was never able to find the woman in the back with the sign up forms.

    In terms of a Vista move, there are many Legacy hardware out there that still work. I think many people will not adopt Vista if what used to work all of a sudden stops.

    just my 2 cents.

  2. @Charles,

    Thanks for attending on Tuesday.  The registration for the NYC Code Camp, which is on March 3rd, has not been posted yet.  I will post the registration link here on this blog once it does become available.  I’m hoping it will be opened up in the next week or two.

    As for Vista, I’m not sure what your concern is regarding things not working?  There will always be some compatibility issues with any new OS, usually in the driver category.  But the Vista team has gone to great lengths to assure backwards compatibility for applications on it.


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