Philly.NET Pub Night – Wednesday January 10th cordially invites you to our first ever Philly.Net.Pub night! It'll be at the Great American Pub Bar & Grill in Conshohocken, Pa.  Consider this a .Net meeting, but instead of topics and speakers, they'll just be geeks and beer (okay, some appetizers as well). This type of networking event will give everyone a chance to actually talk to peers at times besides the parking lot after a meeting or while trying to coordinate a grab for the last slice of pizza while holding a diet coke and conversing about multi-threading (all before the next speaker comes on).

We will be in the back bar which has lots of room and best of all it's pink lung friendly. So come on out, looking forward to seeing you!!!

Please register on our web site. Detailed directions are on the Great American Pub web site.

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