Dare Obasanjo Discusses Why JSON vs. XML in AJAX Applications

From the "I learned something new" file today, a very good post today by Dare Obasanjo discussing some key aspects of JSON vs. XML when it comes to AJAX-style applications.

It seems JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) has been becoming the data format of choice when it comes to AJAX application development.  Dare covers how this is more likely a result of security limitations of using the XMLHttpRequest object vs. whether one format is actually better than the other.

However, after reading Dare's post, it leaves me asking the question:  Are AJAX Mash-up applications creating a potential security hole by circumventing the security protections provided in most major browsers?

[Update:] Dare has posted two follow up posts on this subject which are also worth a read.  I changed the title of this post to reflect the overall theme of his posts.  You can follow these links to read the two follow-ups:

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