Ready for A New Day Launch Tour 2007

On January 30th, Microsoft will be releasing a couple of new products to the general public.  You may have heard of these before: Windows Vista & the Office System 2007.  Also new is Exchange Server 2007.

So that folks have an opportunity to learn more about these new releases, there will be a series of launch events in January & February throughout the US.  At the launch events, you'll have a chance to:

  • Attend breakout sessions for developers & IT Professionals
  • Test drive the products and evaluate their functionality.
  • Network with peers, Microsoft, and local technology partners
  • Ask the Experts
  • Receive valuable resources to help you take full advantage of this new software.

IT Professionals will learn how Microsoft software can help:

  • Streamline deployment and management
  • Increase security, control, and reliability
  • Improve user experience and support
  • Enable and support mobile users

Developers will evaluate new software solutions and see how to:

  • Build secure applications and ensure reliability
  • Create engagine, visually stunning, and highly differentiated user interfaces that make applications more usable and productive.
  • Build applications that connect users to each other and to their data, allowing them to visualize, share, and act on information.

There are two launch event types that will be occuring: Key City & Microsoft Across America launch events.  The Key City events will be taking place in the larger cities and will feature a keynote, plus four tracks (3 IT Pro, 1 Developer) delivered simultaneously.  The Microsoft Across America events will be held in the smaller cities and feature both an IT Pro and Developer track held back to back (IT Pro in the morning, Developer in the afternoon).

To register for the Key City launch events, click the individual registration links below for each city in the Northeast US:

I'll be speaking at the NYC event on the 16th.  Hope to see you there!

To register for the Microsoft Across America launch events, please visit  At that site, you can choose the city you wish to register for.  Local events in the Northeast US include:

  • Atlantic City, NJ - 1/23
  • Secaucus, NJ - 1/25
  • Philadelphia, Pa - 1/30
  • Pittsburgh, Pa - 2/1
  • Rochester, NY - 2/13
  • Albany, NY - 2/15
  • Nashua, NH - 2/15
  • Baltimore, MD - 2/20
  • New York, NY - 2/20
  • Cromwell, CT - 2/22
  • Washington, DC - 2/22
  • Scanton, Pa - 2/27

You'll note that some of the Microsoft Across America launch events will occur in the same cities as the Key City events.  This will give folks a chance to attend who may not be able to attend one of the Key City events.

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  1. Looks like attendees of the upcoming Windows Vista & Office 2007 Key City Launch events will receive

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