Philly.NET All-Stars

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Philly.NET "All-Stars" show in Malvern, Pa last week to celebrate the 5th birthday of the group. What a fun night! Bill Wolff arranged for a panel of 8 most excellent speakers from the community to make for an interesting night. Each speaker got a 15-20 minute slot to cover a different topic. 15-20 minutes is way too short for a 'real' presentation, but it was good enough for a 'taste' of the various topics. And a 'taste' is what the folks got! Bill is currently putting together the schedule of speakers for 2007. I think any one of the topics covered at last week's party would be great for future meetings.

I used my slot to do a whirlwind tour of all the great new developer technologies packed into the .NET 3.0 Framework. You can find my presentation slides here.

Congratulations and many thanks to Bill Wolff for making Philly.NET such a success in the local developer community!

[Updated:] The presentation has now been uploaded. 11/30/2006 9PM EST

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