DB Pro Launch “Tour” Kicks Off

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the launch events for the new Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. Today officially kicks off the first one here in the northeast US. I'm out in Pittsburgh, Pa today listening in to Ken McArdle and Dimitriy Nikonov talk about the product and show it off. I must say, there's some cool stuff in the DB Pro toolset.

I haven't done hardcore database development in a while, but my memories of it weren't so fond. Who wants to program in a 'visual notepad' environment? Execute the query analyzer tool, cross your fingers, and hope for the best… Doh! That didn't do what I wanted it to do! That's essentially how you'd have to develop your stored procedures on SQL Server 7 back in the day.

The VSTS DB Pro tools bring database development into the modern era. Within Visual Studio, you get a full IDE for T-SQL with intellisense and all of the other goodies…. including unit testing and ability to version control your stored procs, as well as your databases' schemas. Now THAT'S cool stuff! Just being able to have version control on my database code would be a huge value to me.

Anyway, I'll be joining the tour at Philly this Thursday the 30th, and then NYC on 12/12, and Boston on 12/14. There are a bunch of Microsoft partners attending in the vendor area to show off some cool plug-ins and add-ons for Visual Studio. There's also some cool swag being given out, including an Xbox 360 drawing. Registration is still open for all of the events. You can sign up here.

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