Has Hell Frozen over? Have Pigs Been Flying?

For the past couple of weeks that I've been a delinquent blogger, it sure seems that way!  I've seen things that I never thought I'd see, as well as things that I haven't seen in a long time. 

First off, in the category of things I haven't seen in a long time, MSFT ticked above the $30 dollar mark!  This is likely because Microsoft shipped a whole bunch of important new things:

In the category of things most folks thought they'd never see, Microsoft has been continuing to try and make nice with the open-source community:

Wow!  That's a lot of cool stuff to try and digest.  My blog posting may have been slow the past couple of weeks, but I've got a bunch of things I plan on posting about in the coming days, including, upcoming user group events (there's a whole bunch in December), the Central Penn code camp, Sysinternals, Sandcastle, and some other bits and bytes too.

Until then, it's time for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states.  Time to relax and enjoy the family.  Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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