WOXY.com Lives!

After listening to WOXY go off the air about three weeks ago, I figured it was the end of an era.  But since then, various rumors had been floating around in the WOXY message boards about a resurection.  Then, it was announced on the site last week that they had located an investor who wanted to revive the station and bring it back. 

As of yesterday, it's back!  No more rumors.  This is the real deal!  WOXY.com is back on the air!  It was purchased by LaLa.com who is bringing it back and adding a bunch of new features, such as user controlled channels, to it.

I'm one happy camper today!

Even the press has gotten in on the story:

On a side note, during the absence of WOXY the past couple of weeks, I discovered XPN.org out of Philly.  XPN is also a great station for new music.  And as an added bonus, it even comes in on my car radio while I'm driving around here in central Jersey!

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