Initial Plans for Enterprise Library v3

Back in June, the Microsoft patterns & practices team began soliciting feedback for what features should be in the next version of the Enterprise Library.  The results are in, and now the team has just posted their initial plans for v3 of the Enterprise Library.  

Read Tom Hollander's blog for more information.

The list looks pretty good to me.  Two things I'm excited about:  Integration of the logging block into the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) pipeline and the ability to create custom installs!

With WCF pipeline integration, I'm assume this should mean you'll be able to configure logging on all incoming requests and outgoing responses without having to write any logging code?  We'll have to see when the details come out.

As for custom installs, that's something that will come in quite handy.  Anyone who has ever used the Enterprise Library knows that it's easy to install and write code with on your developer box.  But there are multiple options for deploying it, and some of those can be tricky.  Having a better deployment solution out of the box will be great.

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