NYC .NET Developers User Group to meet again in September

A couple of weeks ago when I posted the listing of area user groups, I listed the NYC .NET Developers group joint meeting with the NYC Connected Systems & NJ Enterprise VB user groups at VS Live in Brooklyn on September 12th.  That meeting was a lot of fun with Rocky Lhotka and Steve Lasker mixing things up and chatting about Client/Server, n-tier, and SOA. 

Stephen, Andrew, and Bill wanted me to let you know that the NYC .NET Developers group is still having it's regularly scheduled meeting (3rd Thursday of the month) on September 21st.

Come on out to the MS office in midtown to meet and listen to Alex Keh from Oracle.  Yes, that's right, I said Oracle!  Alex is a Principal Product Manager at Oracle and will be talking about all things Oracle and .NET.  This includes:

  • Overview of Oracle's .NET support
  • Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2005
  • Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET)

Developing on the .NET platform doesn't always mean a 100% Microsoft solution.  Many systems built using .NET use Oracle as the backend database.  This should be a very interesting session that covers the in's and out's of connectivity between the two. 

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