"97X Bam! The Future of Rock N Roll" – GONE!!!

Please, say it isn't so!  It looks like this Friday yet another modern rock station bites the dust. 

  • FM 106.3 - GONE! Now corporatized as "G Rock Radio"
  • 92.7 WLIR/WDRE - GONE!  Now NY's La Calle!
  • 99.1 HFS - GONE!  Now DC's El Zol!
  • Y-100 - GONE!  Now Philly's The Beat!
  • 92.3 KRock - GONE!  Now NY's Free FM!

And now...

I am sad to report that WOXY.com will be going off the air this Friday September 15th.  97X isn't just any modern rock station...it is the mother of all alternative stations!97X has long been famous as one of the original modern rock stations in the country.  It was immortalized in the movie Rainman when Dustin Hoffman's character kept repeating the station's slogan: "97X Bam! The Future of Rock N Roll".  While 97X was based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, a good portion of their listener base was from all over the country via their online stream.  97X went off the air in 2004, but was revived as an Internet-only station a month later.

Many of the alternative stations listed above started dying a slow death before they went off the air...   meaning they were reduced to short playlists with lots of repetition.  97X stayed true to its form right until the very end.  The playlist was incredibly huge and the DJs had full control over what they played.  I discovered 97X online back in 2001 while looking for a good source of new music as the other stations were completely watered down at that point. There were many a night I burnt the midnight oil listening to WOXY while working on various projects. 

Not much to hope for now as far as WOXY.com goes.  Fans of the other stations have helped keep some of them going:

The sad fact is that the music I've loved for the past 10-15 years is slowly dying from the radio.  I guess satellite and the iPod are the future of modern rock for now.  Ugh...  I feel older now, and I guess it's just a matter of time before we're all relegated to oldies stations!

Fingers crossed... maybe WOXY will get picked up by one of the satellite companies?  For now, R.I.P. 97X along with your other modern rock brethren!

Comments (4)

  1. If it’s any comfort, we listeners of western classical music have been putting up with the exact same treatment!

  2. True.  I realize this format is not alone in it’s fate.  Country was long ago cut off in NYC, along with oldies last year when CBS FM switched to Jack.  CBS wasn’t the only one though, there are many oldies stations that switched formats this past year.  

    For classical, 104.3 died 10 years ago, but there’s still WQXR 96.3, right?  I don’t think the NYTimes will be switching that at all anytime soon?

  3. After listening to WOXY go off the air about three weeks ago, I figured it was the end of an era . But

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