Thanks to everyone who attended the Philly Code Camp today!  This was the "third" or "application server" edition of the second code camp in the Microsoft office in Malvern, Pa.  It was great to meet so many folks in the community today.  I want to give a big time thanks to all of the folks who helped put the code camp together including Russ Basiura, Bill Wolff, Corasworks for the lunch, and Jeanne Logan for working with all of the code camp contributors to round up all of the cool swag given away. 

BTW, this code camp had to have had the most swag I've ever seen at a code camp before!


The code camp went off without a hitch today... which was better than the one in March where my keycard wasn't enabled for the Malvern office.  That resulted in everyone being locked out in the lobby for an hour and a half before the building security guy was able to open the door for us.  Doh! 


Today, there were 15 sessions over 8 hours.  Thanks for all who attended my session on Microsoft’s Atlas framework for building AJAX-style applications.  Bill will be aggregating all of the session content up onto  For now, you can pull my slides from here.


* - Philly Code Camp II Part III - Yeah, that's kind of a mouthful to describe.  But to make a long story short, instead of having one code camp this year, the Philly community had three separate ones, each with its own theme.  Since this was the second year Philly has had a code camp...  we have the name "Code Camp II - Part III".