Enterprise Library 3.0 – Now taking requests!

Tom Hollander from the Microsoft patterns & practices team just announced that they are in the planning phases for a version 3 of the Enterprise Library.  The p&p team has always worked closely with the community in the past via their GotDotNet workspaces and blogs.  Now they are requesting your feedback on what the next version of the Enterprise Library should look like.  Let them know where they should focus their efforts.  Tom has suggested a few ideas in his post, but the best ideas are going to come from folks like you who use the Enterprise Library today!

I know one thing that I'll be requesting...  better guidance/documentation around how to re-package and deploy Enterprise Library within your company.  (Actually... that's something I might write about myself in a future post.)  

Read Tom's post for more info.

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  1. Back in June, the Microsoft patterns & practices team began soliciting feedback for what features…

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