What happened to "so-and-so says:" in the latest Windows Live Messenger beta?

Here’s another one of those follow-up posts to the N3UG BOF meeting back on the 9th.  Another question was about a “feature” in the latest beta version of Windows Live Messenger that was driving people crazy.  When you type an IM to your buddy, you can keep hitting “enter” and sending them messages on the same line before they reply.  They just stack up. 


I don’t like that feature at all.  Neither did some of the folks at the UG meeting.  If someone sends me five IMs while I’m still typing a response to the original message, I might miss what they typed since my eyes are trained to look for the latest “so-and-so says:” that appears below my last message. 


The Windows Live Messenger blog mentions this feature and indicates that you need to turn it on in the Options panel.  Although, it seems right now that it defaults to on.  Either way, you can easily turn it off and make it go back to the way it was by checking the box next to the option below that I’ve circled in red.  Hope this helps!


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