Upcoming User Group Meetings

Three area user groups are having their May meetings this week.  Check out the topics and links below for details on Philly, Central Jersey, and NYC's meetings.  Looks like some cool stuff! (Too bad I'll have to skip out on all three since I'm on the west coast this week.)

Philly .NET - Wednesday May 17, 2006

Where: Microsoft Office - Malvern, Pa.
When: 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Two topics this month down in Philly!!  Plus, Bill Wolff and crew will be discussing plans for the upcoming June 24th code camp.

Creating a Simple SmartDocument Application - Danilo Diaz,  eTech Solutions 

Visual Studio 2005 made creating Smart Document Application a trivial task. In this presentation, we will discuss some of the tools we have available to create useful Office applications. We will also discuss different scenarios where Smart Documents could be use in the real world.

Windows Forms Tips & Tricks - Jayson Gaylord, MCW Technologies

Jason will do the membership, role manager, and personalization presentation in 2.0.

NYC .NET Developers User Group - Thursday May 18, 2006

Where: Microsoft Office - New York, NY
When: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Tablet PC and Ink Enabled Development - Frank La Vigne
Mobile Solutions Practice Lead
Ironworks Consulting, LLC

The topic of this session will introduce the Tablet PC platform, including the API, software designed specifically for the Tablet, and different types of form factors now available. Central to the Tablet PC platform is Digital Ink, a vector based graphic format that leverages the stylus input. The topic will cover Tablet PC Specific Controls made available by the SDK and how to ink-enable existing applications, as well as UI considerations for this new form factor. Finally, we'll talk about the future of Tablet PC technologies, including the Origami/UMPC projects and digital ink in WPF (Avalon)

Central New Jersey .NET User Group - Thursday May 18, 2006

Where: Infragistics Office - East Windsor, NJ
When: 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Patrick O'Connell on Generics! - Patrick O'Connell, Codeworks, Inc.

What you will learn in this months presentation:

  • Introduction to Generics
  • C++ templates vs. .NET Generics
  • How to use some of the generic collections that come built into .NET 2.0
  • How to create your own generic class, including inheritance and shared variables.
  • Generic methods including type inference and overloading.
  • Generic Structures, interfaces and delegates. Constraints



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